June Fair & Christmas Bazaar

Christmas Bazaar winning tickets:  (to claim, please call the office to make an appointment for pick-up. 860.589.0182.  Office is open M-F 10am-2pm or by appointment. Please plan to pick up by 11/22. 

Kitchen gadget basket    374023

Pink  blanket  374476

Tools  502866

Doll 503086

Scarf  503188

Bag/umbrella  503898

Cake creations  503588

Star Wars item  503887

Pillow/blanket  503241

Purse   713719

Teapot  with coins   503301

Basket of fun  503328

Wreath  374793

Lampost  374799

Snowman 503923

Theatre Tickets 374624

Fiber optic snowman 713760

Stuffed dog  503102

Wine set  374915

Decorations  713721

Gingerbread house  374940

Nativity set  970100

Christmas wreath  713720

Wreath  503665

S&S gift card  503513



On the second (or first) Saturday in June and the second (or third) Saturday in November, respectively, we have a June Fair and a Christmas Bazaar.  Vendors are welcome!  If you would like to be a vendor at one of our events, please call the office for an application.  Both events are a wonderful time to be together with family and friends — mark your calendars!  Call our office at 860-589-0182 for more info.  Thank you for supporting our fair and our bazaar; both events help to support the ongoing ministry and work of our church.