June Fair & Christmas Bazaar

JUNE 9, 2018 FAIR RAFFLE RESULTS (if it’s not listed, it has already been claimed. You may pick these up – with your ticket – Mon-Fri 10am-2pm or call to make another appointment. 860.589.0182):

Gift card tree — 7182714

Gift card tree — 7182499

child basket — 7182048

pet basket — 7182067

Bristol blues baseball — 7182990

Beach basket — 7182221

girls gift basket — 416944

ceramic serving dishes — 7182158

grill — 7182832



On the second (or first) Saturday in June and the second (or third) Saturday in November, respectively, we have a June Fair and a Christmas Bazaar.  Vendors are welcome!  If you would like to be a vendor at one of our events, please call the office for an application.  Both events are a wonderful time to be together with family and friends — mark your calendars!  Call our office at 860-589-0182 for more info.  Thank you for supporting our fair and our bazaar; both events help to support the ongoing ministry and work of our church.