Your presence in our church automatically enrolls you in our Women’s Fellowship group, called the “Spirited Sisters.”  Our women go on annual retreat together (usually the first weekend in May), have fellowship and devotional gatherings, and create care packages for people in need.  A related group, our “Church Mice,” love baking and cooking at our various church events.  Men are welcome to be part of our church mice, too, affectionately called “Church Rats!”  If you would like more information about when our women meet or how you might get involved in our Spirited Sisters or Church Mice, call our office at 860-589-0182.

If you’d like to taste some of the delicious homemade cooking of our “Church Mice,” come to our annual Christmas Bazaar, April Roast Beef Dinner, June Fair, and/or visit our baked goods booth at the Terryville Country Fair.