Terryville/Plymouth is a town of approximately 11,000-12,000 residents. For such a small town, we are blessed with many churches, civic and community groups, and our own school system. We believe it is very important to partner as much as possible with all the churches and organizations in our town. We especially try our best to stay connected with Plymouth Human Services, Plymouth Community Food Pantry, and Terryville Lions so that we can help people in need. We also stay connected with our brothers and sisters in faith through ecumenical worship services and events throughout the year which take place at the various churches in our community. Town clergy from the various churches meet once per month, along with the chief of police, to discuss important information that impacts the entire town. Our town also has a “Prayers for Plymouth” program where we can quickly organize for prayer services and other events in the case that our town ever experiences a tragedy, crisis, or any other type of urgent need.