Our congregation is happy and proud to be participants in the Plymouth Keys for Kindness program. Every time we are able, we present a key to someone during worship and we pause and acknowledge their kindness in our congregation and in the community.  It is important to recognize kindness and not take it for granted; we hope that our participation will help kindness to grow.  We hope and pray that everyone “pays it forward.”  We present keys both to church members and people in our community who are making a positive difference in the world.

Pictured below is our church member, Wayne, presenting a key for kindness to Dr. Reyes, the Director of Elder Care at Bristol Hospital.  This key was presented on Sunday, Oct. 30, 2016.  Wayne’s speech about Dr. Reyes:

The individual that I’m about to introduce is one of the kindest, most caring, understanding, accepting, compassionate and positive people I have ever had the pleasure of knowing.

Because she will immediately begin to recognize herself, before I continue I would like to invite Dr. Margarita P. Reyes to join me up here. Dr Reyes is not only a wonderful individual, she is also a fantastic physician. She immediately places her patients at ease at each and every visit. Dr Reyes also gives generously of both her time and talents. She has attended Alzheimer’s support group meetings, she has organized a series of informational presentations, free of charge and open to the public, having to move the location due to the large number of attendees. She utilized experts to discuss topics regarding the availability of appropriate community based resources, as well as legal and financial issues of importance to seniors and/or their family caregivers.

Dr. Reyes is board certified in internal medicine, specializing in geriatrics. Dr Reyes works in partnership with primary care physicians, hospitals, surgeons and other specialties to provide care for the elderly that is individualized, goal directed and it aids in the patients independence and quality of life. As a community based geriatrician, Dr Reyes practices in multiple settings including the hospital, clinic, nursing homes, assisted living facilities and when necessary the patients own homes. Her actual office is located at 85 Beleden Gardens Drive in Bristol.

Dr Reyes completed her geriatric training at Harvard Medical School and its affiliated hospital. According to AARP a geriatrician is a doctor trained to meet the special health needs of older people. As we age, it becomes more common for us to have a number of health issues at the same time. Then we take several different medications to address those issues. I am living proof of that statement. Geriatricians pay special attention to balance, gait, strength, hearing, vision and memory. Dr. Reyes also emphasizes steps to promote wellness so important to all of us.

A geriatrician often adds a focus on issues that other doctors may miss. In my case, Dr. Reyes gradually eliminated a medication that is usually prescribed only for short term use. Unfortunately, I had been taking it for many years. She substituted my previous medication for one, in combination with an OTC medication, that have a much better risk-reward ratio. She often discusses that issue with her patients so we are well informed and understand her reasoning. Each year she reassesses the impact of my previous medication on my overall health.

I consider Dr. Reyes to be a true friend as well as my favorite Physician. Therefore, it is my honor, supported by Rev. Zack, to present a Plymouth Key of Kindness to Dr. Reyes.