We believe in being generous givers, knowing that God always blesses us with abundance.  We rely on pledging, fundraising, and donations to operate our building; provide a staff which is available to our entire community, members & non-members; and provide outreach programs in our local community and wider world. We do not view giving as a chore — we joyfully want to support our church because we love our church (the fellowship of people, the outreach, the study of the Bible, the worship, the care and support, and all the things we are able to do together as a community of faith)!

Perhaps you would like to give to our church? You may make online contributions by clicking on the “Donate Today” button on our homepage. This is a secure donation through paypal.  For your convenience, we also have Venmo. You can find us @TerryvilleCongregationalChurch

Annually, we rely on our pledge form to give us an estimate for our budget planning.  Our pledge form includes a place to show one’s commitment to the church both financially and with the use of one’s time, creativity, and skills.  Both members & non-members are encouraged to complete a pledge form so that we can plan for our annual budget.  You can find the form by clicking on the “Support our Church” tab at the top of the screen. You may return it by mail, email, fax, or in person.  Thank you for your generosity!

Rev Zack pledge message (from 2014, but really a timeless message)!